• Company Description

    Mino Games is a free-to-play mobile gaming studio that produced Cat Game, a game with 30mm in marketing funding, and also the top 50 grossing mobile game Mino Monsters, with over 13 million downloads. We create deeply engaging, widely appealing games for millions of fans. Our key development studio is in Montreal, QC.

    We are a small group of passionate engineers and artists, our mission is to create games that millions of people all around the world love to play for years. We are funded by the best angel, institutional investors, and gaming companies from across the world. (Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Sybo Games).

    We have just release Cat game, and it's already hit the App Store’s Top Grossing Chart in Canada. The game is showing world class metrics.

  • Why work here?

    At Mino Games, we believe in hiring the bests and then giving them the freedom to solve extremely challenging problems. Our core focus is to build a workplace where people who are world class can come to feel challenged, empowered and surpass their best.