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Roles and Responsibilities

The Data Scientist will help develop the Research and develop statistical learning models for data analysis and keep up-to-date with latest technology trends.

The primary responsibilities…
- Develop flexible and robust runtime algorithms
- Develop, maintain and improve our state-of-the-art AI systems, including path-finding, navigation, perception, behavior execution, vehicle control, and autonomous decision making
- Develop robust and reusable AI frameworks
- Responsible for implementing and refining the AI for components of our solutions
Implement AI behavioral features and refine as needed

The challenges...
- Networks and Clouds are complex, multi-tiered ecosystems with a high level of integrated components. They also service millions of users and generate massive amounts of data. This makes the management and control highly challenging, but also very susceptible to automation, especially AI. Our challenge is to translate this wealth of data and information into processes and procedures that improve the services for everyone from enterprises to digital lifestyles.
- Building the intelligence that makes our product stand out above anyone else’s in the market. This involves on one part selecting the problems where making a difference has an impact but also developing top-performing models for these solutions.

What success looks like...
- Development and delivery of successful algorithms that address defined business problems
- Continuous experimentation to achieve above and beyond what the current technology enables
- Innovating new methods and novel solutions in data science

What makes it rewarding...
- Transforming an industry with cutting-edge technology
- Working in some of the most data-driven industries that are actively looking to monetize and automate
- We are open to experimenting and trying new things. We give our scientists the freedom to innovate, explore, and create.

Skills and Requirements

How others describe you...
- Being a team player in the truest sense, with an ability to work with partners across different time zones.
- Expert problem solver, always looking for multiple solutions.
- A work ethic to drive projects and tasks to finish on time, overcoming any obstacles along the way.
- A desire to take the initiative, seizing opportunities when you see them.

The skills and experience that will help you succeed...
- 3+ years hands-on experience implementing Machine Learning solutions and optimizing machine learning algorithms
- Data mining and statistical analysis expertise
- 2+ years Python and SQL experience
- 1+ year of R experience, plus Spark, Scala, or Java
- 2+ years of Software development, understanding of various data structures, common methods in data transformation, object-orientated programming
- Strong interest in researching and implementing new AI-related technologies
- BS/MS degree in computer science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field, Ph.D. desirable

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  • Published: 10 months ago
  • This offer expires on Friday November 1st 2019
  • Sector of Activity: Artificial Intelligence
  • Title: Data Scientist



B-YOND develops AI-based network automation software, delivered via an open platform, enabling the biggest Telcos in the world to embrace web-scale operational models as they move to 5G and Edge Cloud.

  • Mailing address: B-YOND/ AUDELA 3 Place Ville Marie, suite 400 Montreal, QC H3B 2E3